Monday, September 12, 2011

Trip to the ocean

Every year...well for the past 3 years my boyfriend and I have gone on a kite trip. We try to go to a different place each year. It's funny, on our 1st annual kite trip we drove to our destination and stayed for 1 night. We slept in the car, which was not the most comfortable but we made it fun by making a fort with the blankets we brought. Our 2nd kite trip we camped out and slept in a tent. This year, we spent two nights in a pretty nice hotel RIGHT on the beach! It was really nice, they even had a pool/hot tub which was very relaxing. Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed our trip! =) 
It was really nice out--and for the ocean that's pretty amazing!
So we were walking along the beach browsing for sand dollars (which whole sand dollars are usually pretty hard to find) and I kid you not.. we found 7 sand dollars all next to each other just like this! Like a little family of them! It was pretty cool.
 View from the hotel...
This kite was so big!
We rode mopeds, and I got pink!
Hotel balcony...with view of the ocean.
Our hotel had a pool and hot tub, very relaxing!
 Deer right outside our hotel!
Some tasty things we enjoyed...
  <3 Angela


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What a great trip! I love your beautiful pictures.

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